Monday, March 15, 2010

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The Vendors At Shecky's Girls Night Out

So what makes Shecky's Girls Night Out the hottest ticket around? The vendors of course they keep us dipping into our wallets and picking out trendy pieces at bargain prices. Here are few that caught my eye.

Decent Pieces
High Fashion Women's Accessories
All of her accessories were wonderful, I was in awe when I passed her table. I think her table was the hottest accessories in the venue. I picked up two trinkets and plan to be a regular on her website.

This ring is a mix of black and a dark turquoise, I love it I thought it was different and I can't wait to glam it up with a beautiful dress.

Gold/Black Ball Necklace $38

The more dramatic the necklace the more I craved it. This is a wow factor and I knew it was something I could pull off. I love the massive look and the attention of this necklace it's very wild! Plus I got a free set of earrings to match!

Love the multicolored necklace it was only $30 perfect for all black dresses to add that signature pop.

Colorful rings are great for the summer season, the women were in love with these trinkets.

Floral designs are a big trend for the spring as well.

Rings ranged from $20-$30, also long necklaces with a massive center pieces are so elegant and can be jazzed up a casual look. This gold chain with a multicolored plate was only $20.

Bargain Dresses as low as $15 were getting a lot of attention. The mix of spring fever was dominating the atmosphere despite it being a rainy night.

36 W 36th St
2nd fl. NY 01018
Had it's twist on trends with yarn looking earrings. As much as they tried to convince me it would look good in my ear, I didn't agree. But the owners sure did rock them well and strikes a pose for the camera!

Hottest Beauty Ticket
YoYo Lipgloss
The ladies were crowding this table, maybe the pink was so inviting or they needed to reapply their lips. It's a great gloss on the cheap $2.99 and its retractable!

Lolly 38
Panties that say a little more than sexy! These boyshorts/panties were an attention seeker because their slogans had the best sayings like "Brown Sugar", "Hot Mama" and "TXT ME".

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