Thursday, March 4, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

New Arrivals
Pink Ice

Handle Spike Purse

$ 39.99

We love the fact that it's white, studded and has two styles in one. The price is excellent now all you need is the right outfit.

Shine Ruffle Dress

$ 34.99
This dress has everything you need. Two tone color options, the ruffles and the straps. It's very flirtaticous.

Spread Studs Purse

$ 39.99
I love the bold look of this purse, don't worry yellow doesn't have to be in your outfit. This is just for extra pop to liven up your outfit.

Color Static Dress

$ 39.99
I love the casual look of this dress, perfect for the beach or browsing for deals. A gorgeous tote in hand and designer shades are all glam.

Flap Studs Purse

$ 44.99

If you're into studded totes rock all out with colorful ones. They stand out more and are prettier than the basic black. If you can't hang with bright colors it does come in black as well.

Splatter Paint Leggings

$ 14.99

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