Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Fragrance

For women and men

Improve your love life is their slogan, so what makes the new fragrance Satisfaction so sexy.

Jovan Satisfaction for women smells soft and very feminine. I love that the scent last a long time with only a few spritzes. With lovely top notes like mango, pear and honeydew, perfect blends of exotic flowers and bottom notes of sultry musk and vanilla you will always be appealing. The price range for this fragrance is perfect for the budgetnista at $12-$18 you save money unlike the designer labels.

Also looking to purchase a fragrance for your beau, Jovan Satisfaction for men might be something you may want to pick up. With a scent that has full masculinity like cedar wood and rosemary he will smell so irresistible. It's a great gift and you both can enjoy the scent.

Jovan Satisfaction is available at your local Walmart and Walgreens.

Special thanks to Nicole E. at Robin Leedy & Associates for the samples.

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