Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion: What's New

New Fashion
Hautie Hippie Cropped Beaded Top & Ruffled Chiffon Miniskirt
Great attire for a glam night out, the chiffon skirt is flirty and the embellished ruffle top adds that sexy factor.

Pleasure Doing Business Striped Miniskirt
Love the pop effect of this skirt great combo for those stylish heels you've been dying to rock!

Michael Kors Skorpios Tote, Platinum Gold
A metallic tote is ideal for the summer kick off season and with wooden handles or bamboo details it adds a bit of fierce to the tote.

Matt & Nat Scrilla Stud Tote
Love a good tote that has that extra embellish quality and a pop color for dramatic measures.

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