Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion: Celebrity Style Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens

Stylish Celebs

We pick the trendy things that we like from our fave celebs and find similar items for you to match the look. Sometimes we add a little spice to the mix because don't you want to look like your own celebrity.

Vanessa hat rocks well as a casual look but why not make it your statement hat for those beach days and summer brunches. Go for the straw hat theme, you will get more use out of it, plus adding a scarf to it gives it more creativity.

Eugenia KimHoney Sunhat $297

Jennifer sparkles well and what lady doesn't love a little sequins but for the spring and summer ditch the dark colors and liven it up with softness. Silver, golds and nude sequins looks will have you dazzling at the party.

Platinum Paiette Cocktail Dresses by Scala

Gold Sequined Short Dresses by Jovani

Platinum One Shoulder Dresses
by Scala


Jessica rocks this dress well but if it's a bit of a stretch for you try a dress with sleeves and it will give it a different approach.

Metallic Print Cocktail Dresses
from Theia


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