Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion: Celebrity Style Camilla Belle, Hilary Duff, Leona Lewis and Rihanna

Stylish Celebrities

We know you desire their look, but what is it that you crave.? Is the shoes, the hair or their freak um dress? We break down some basic hotness on our favorite looks on the A-listers.

Leonia Lewis
Why we LOVE
From the hat to the dress to those killer gloves we love everything. It's dramatic but yet chic at the same time. We really heart the dress it's a perfect signature LBD and she wears it well.

Why we LOVE
She rocks this so well not may celebs could. The jacket is super sexy with enough skin exposed the skirt is super flirtaticious and the booties add that extra sexy appeal with the cutouts. We really heart the skirt because the color is fly and it definitely makes a statement.
Hilart Duff
Why we LOVE
This is fab casual and she has the look down! It's a great look that can do no wrong. We really heart the earrings the bolder the better if it works well with the look. She is a trendsetter and we heart her whole vibe.

Camilla Belle
Why we LOVE
She looks sexy and glamorous at the same time. The dress flows so well and her makeup is flawless. We really heart the dress because it just looks that darn good!

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