Monday, March 1, 2010

Review: mark. Twisted Bag, In the Round Bracelet and Welcom Scarf

3 Fashion Must Haves


1. A Little Twisted Bag $30

I have this in white and I love it because the texture is super soft and it's the perfect necessity for spring. This style also comes in a deep purple for those chicas who love a little color in their life. Rock with a dressy combo or chill out and still look fabulous!

2. In the Round Bracelet $14

I love the trendy look of this bracelet it's fun and flirty and works well
to compliment many outfits. It comes in gold and silver, I really love it in gold especially for those bronze looks, I even like the trend of stacking more than one whether its gold on silver or 2 sets of the same color.

3. Warm Welcome Turtleneck Scarf in Magenta $20

This scarf is still fierce even though we scream for spring. I love the turtleneck scarf because it can be styled in so many ways. It's better than the ordinary scarf this has more versatile qualities and in magenta it rules.
Shop mark. to see all of the new spring fashion styles.
Special thanks to the ladies at Kaplow PR for the samples.

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