Monday, February 1, 2010


Valentine's Day 2010
Spicy Satisfaction

KY Yours+Mine
KY Intense

Make it a lucky night for you and him! KY Yours + Mine is a great couples necessity for a steamy night. I love the fact that it gives that playful sensation for both of you. The blue for him and the purple for you a perfect way to bring the fire on.

But sometimes it's not only about him, what about you!

KY Intense is the perfect accessory for us chicas to experience a whole lot of spicy satisfaction. Discreetly in a 10ml size bottle and a mini pouch you won't be disappointed. Share your moment or make it all about you!

Special sale at Walgreens KY Yours+Mine $14.99

Walmart KY Intense $23.94

Special thanks to Emily B. and Erin D. at LaForce+Stevens for the samples!

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