Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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When we see a good bargain we get excited because saving is always in our best interest. When you find great cheap trends you actually get more stuff for your budget and the others think you may have spent more, but do fill them in on the secret if they ask!

What good is the summer season if you don't have a few signature sandals outside of your splurge ones. I'm talking about the sandals that you will be wearing 3-4x a week or the ones you just throw in your beach bag while get that Scott Barnes bronzer look. Here are a few sandals you may want to have as your stylish backup.

metallic jewel ankle strap sandal $17.10
Be jeweled in these and know that your feet is freshly manicured as well. Add a matching tote for more sparkle or keep it simple with silver hoops.

strappy suede stud peep toe heel $20 Love those cargo jumpsuits? Well this will work great with that, you can do a switch up from your flip flops into these and at $20 bucks everyone woman with a touch of style will love this. Hurry sizes are vanishing!

strappy snake print wedge $15.50
Love a good wedge but can stand walking in them sometimes, lower your height options in these. These are very trendy, get a cool nail color and a anklet and act like your wearing stilettos.

sequin embellished gladiator sandal $17.50
Another simple but gorgeous sandal, easy to work with your outfits just get a sequins tote to bring out your fashion style.

Having a basic skirt themes in your closet is typical but finding skirts that have more of an playful edge is even daring. It's summer the rules are so wide take advantage of it with various styles and show those legs.

lace-up studded skirt $23

No one said the corporate ladies can't have fun as well, this skirt is a great trend and the other co-workers will catch on. You don't have to over do it with any extra add on, the skirt seals the deal now back to your basic routine.

asymmetrical embellished lace skirt $26.50
Love a good mini, make sure you're showing a bit more than it being short or tight, you don't want to be that girl. Instead opt for something with cool patterns or a funky design. You want people to remember you not how short your mini was. To cool a daring outfit always wear it with something loose or casual it will keep them guessing.

embroidered mesh bubble skirt $28.80 Trendy are we? Bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw mini and rock this at the coolest lounge that just opened up, feel confident in it by pairing it with something simple but do go hard on the heels it needs to end with an exclamation point!

Tops are the number one factor when deciding on an outfit without a top where would we be??
So why not have a few styles that you can just put on with jeans, leggings or a skirt and know that no matter what it works.

metallic stud waist v-neck top $23 A perfect night out or casual day top, add the jeans or leggings and you have two looks. All you need to do is change your accessories and hair and the day look is transformed to night!

beaded chain neckline top $32.20 This top is more gorgeous with a white pant or skirt, please don't rock it with jeans it sets off the beautiful indigo.

sheer chiffon flutter sleeve top $23 This is one of those tops you wear when you're thinking of just wearing your PJ's it's comfy, trendy and a great combo for jeans and leggings.

love striped tank $18.40

We all need some love, wear it best with cute shorts that have enough length to be called shorts, and your best embellished sandals. Bring on the stunner shades if you just want that glamorous satisfaction.

Unfortunately I didn't see too many trendy dresses that stood out to me, if I don't see 3 or more items that thrill me I don't bother talking about it because it's not something that's not buzz worthy but feel free to click here if you find something you like from their dress collection.

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