Friday, February 19, 2010

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Stylish Accessory

I wanted to fill you all in on a great accessory that I had the pleasure of trying from my Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, inside my gift bag was a purple scarf from Affordable Scarves. At first I just glance over it like it was just an ordinary scarf and purple out of all the colors wasn't my favorite. It wasn't until I was getting ready the next day that I looked in the bag and pulled it out and realized that this scarf was absolutely gorgeous!

It's actually a loop scarf and I was in love at that moment. The scarf looked beautiful on me and it popped because I was wearing black that day. I found many different styles on their website that would be a great trendy accessory for yourself or your favorite chicas! The best part is all the scarfs are under $20.

Vanessa Infinity Scarf $13.69

Kara Knit Loop Scarf $16.11

Melissa Silk Ruffle Scarf $16.11

Giraffe Silk Scarf $16.11

Free shipping on orders $30 or more

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