Friday, February 5, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Nails

Valentine's Day 2010

Beautiful Shades

SpaRitual Lacquers $10

You have 9 days left to decide what you're buying him and what you're wearing. But take a few moments and think about you!

It's time for a manicure that is well over do and I feel in love with two great shades that should be rocking on V-day as well.

Red polish is a must for V-day it goes with the theme. SpaRitual has this gorgeous lacquer in Impression that is a bold red with a nice shiny base. It's so pretty I've been rocking it for over a week and everyone loves the color. It's not your typical red it has more glam to it. Most reds look dull or the same like the others but this one goes on perfect and has that perfect red shade.

Also if red isn't your theme keep it very natural, I also like SpaRitual's Breathless it's a pretty cream color that looks glamorous.

So for V-day stick with a traditional red or go natural with a natural look and now you can think about him!

Special thanks to Danielle H .at LaForce+Stevens for samples!

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