Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Trinkets For the Budgetnista


Not sure if we can say that's really a word yet, but we will start the trend!
Mark offers great prices that won't strap your clutch and here are a few trinkets I thought would interest a budgetnista.

1. It kit The Trend Color Compact $20 with a mirror.
Before image, no make up on.

I am applying the bronzer it's called Pro Golden.Next up the eyes shadows, I used the ruffle eye shadow (frost white shimmer), it comes in vanity (silver) and amped (charcoal black)

I then applied the creamy eye shadows in Bon Bon (gold), then Poppy (deep pink) it also comes in Poise (light pink).
I finished my cheeks with Poise, I love the fact that you can use the eye shadows and cheek colors, they all blend well on the face.

Finished product and the cost was only $20! Lips are Sigh (Nude with shimmer) The natural color looks good!

This is the lip color in Strut a intense pink but I love it!

This is the last lip color in Primp (soft pink).

2. Hookups Glow Baby Glow $6. You're lips have to stay fierce this duo combo of peach and clear shimmer are the way to go.

3. Cool Jewelry and support a great cause. Have a Heart Necklace $22, Have a Heart Bracelet $12

I love these little additions they totally bring out a simple casual look. Portions of your purchase will go to m.powerment by mark dedicated to breaking the cycle of dating abuse toward women and empowering young women everywhere.

Info on the LeaFlet Earrings $12.00 they come in sliver and gold and they're a perfect dangling earring to glam up an outfit!

Special thanks to Kaplow PR and Mark. for these items in the gift bag, I love everything!

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