Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Not Feeling Pretty

Okay, I am a little disturbed about Heidi Montag and this whole plastic surgery trend she has decided to launch. All of the e-mails and images I have been receiving on this not pretty topic has finally made me want to speak on it.

I don't get it or her at the moment. I thought just like many others Heidi was a very pretty girl I didn't see any flaws about her except for Spencer but he's not worth discussing. I liked her natural look and features but now I'm not looking at the same person she looks totally like a different human being.

What is it with us women and us wanted to look more beautiful or gorgeous. We are never satisfied with our appearance at all. I mean don't get me wrong I would love a bigger tush but hey I'm not risking my life to get one. I think that it's great if you want to enhance something but when that something reaches many things it becomes an obsession. I know that Heidi does check out this site and hopefully she isn't offended but I if you have a young audience looking at you and following in your league you need to step up and say don't let my insecurities effect the way you perceive yourself. I feel that you have a lot on your plate career wise and you're rocking but wanting more plastic surgery will only have us talking more about that and nothing else. Stay focus too much plastic surgery isn't pretty.

According to Extra, Montag, 23, revealed that her breasts are currently “triple D, F”, but she wants to have surgery to make them an ‘H’.

“I actually want H for Heidi,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

Montag went on to reveal the different procedures she has had done.

“I had a little bit of botox, an eyebrow lift, my ears tucked, I had my nose re-aligned, fat injections put into my cheeks, my lips done and I had my chin shaved down,” she said.

P.S Size H breast come on!

Too Much Plastic Surgery

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