Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Jennifer Lopez's New Years Eve Look

Scott Barnes made JLo look super hot as she performed Waiting For Tonight in that unforgettable outfit. Her makeup was flawless and had that edge factor.

“The key to this look is rimming the inside of the eyes with a charcoal pencil,” says Barnes, who loves Maybelline’s Expert Eyes liners. Barnes then smudged grey and black shadows to create an elongated smoky eye, giving Jennifer sultry, stand-out definition.

To take the look to the next level, Barnes used Duo Eyelash Adhesive to adhere Swarovski Crystals to JLo’s eyelids, adding that special dose of New Year’s Eve glamour.

“With such a strong eye, I kept the rest of her face clean with nude lips and light cheek color,” says Barnes, who recommends emphasizing either the eyes or the lips, but NEVER both!

With his arsenal of tips and tricks, Barnes has helped transform JLo and his many other celebrity clients, including Mariska Hargitay, Kim Kardashian and more, from celebrity to superstar with the flick of his makeup brush!

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