Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Having healthy hair is key for us woman trying to achieve a glamorous look. With the our obesession on daily heat usage, relaxers, color treatments and clip on extensions are hair never get's a break. Our hair deserves to breath and allow it's natural oils to work. I've begin using Smooth 'N' Shine's Nourishing Balm $3.99 and Oil Sheen Spray $3.99 and have enjoyed both products. It gave my hair a boost and also a more control look.

The before pic below is my hair, it looks flat and dry and basically has no life to it. I try to stay away from heating products during the week because it can damage your hair when done daily.

After pics below

I applied the Nourishing Balm into my scalp using a small amount really massage it in a circular motion. To much of the balm and the hair will began to look greasy and your really just trying to get a shine look.

The balm gets your hair condition and helps make it stronger when use regularly.
After applying balm use the Oil Sheen Spray to give it a full effect and a evenly shine to your look.

The Oil Sheen Spray is perfect for when hair is wet it gently untangles the strands. The coconut oil and wheat protein is excellent since it helps replenish moisture in your hair. When using Oil Sheen Spray when hair is set never over use it will give off a greasy look. Keep it looking natural and healthy with just enough shine to get the best results.

Special Thanks to Lauren S. at Creative Media Marketing for the samples.

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