Monday, November 23, 2009

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Behind The Label

Perfekt Beauty

The name is catchy and their slogan "Why look good... When you can look per-fekt"! Get's you tempted even more. Perfekt Beauty is a new beauty line like most others proving to be the ideal product for all our beauty needs. So what's does it really do?

Since trying out Perfekt Beauty's Skin Perfection Gel, I enjoyed the fact that I barely needed to wear foundation on my face. I think this product is a simple enhancement for a casual outing that requires minimum beauty tools. I found it to be very light weight on my skin, it did help diminish my pores and even out my skin tone with it's light tint. It definitely gives your face a natural look.

It also contains vitamins A & E which are a great protection on the skin from the sun and the cold weather and it also gives the skin hydration making the skin look very healthy.

This product is great for women who are looking for something that they can apply day to day and feel comfortable knowing that they look good. If you're looking for something to make your face look like you're wearing makeup this isn't for you. It's a single beauty tool that doesn't require that extra foundation, primer and powder effect.

It comes in 5 shades, I tried the Decadent it was a bit darker than my complexion but I worked it out. It's also ideal for all skin types so you don't have to worry about dry or sensitive skin issues.

I tried the .25FL oz ($19.50) and I used it 2-3x a week for 3 weeks. The retail price is $57.50 for (1.0FL oz) so expect to splurge chicas!

If interested in finding out more about Perfekt Beauty go to, and on

Special Thanks to Morgan H. at Blue Sky Communication for the samples!

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