Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Presents: The Wedding Zone with Malan B.

Invitations, Favors, and Vendors...Oh My!

The invitations are here! I am so very happy that I finally stop procrastinating and got down to business. I love my custom invitation via A.C Moore and craft. It is amazing what a wedding invitation kit, tape, ink, and a computer can do! I love my invitations by Wilton Print. They make a great print. All you have to do is follow instructions and you are good to go. I think that came out fab! What do you think?

Tip #1:
If you are looking to save some money and make your invitation than check out Wilton Print Wedding Invitation. You can find some great invites for a reasonable price. A dollar save is always a good thing! Just Remember to add you own flair to the invites. Check out ribbons, labels, or paper to make your invites pop!

I sent my invitations very early, 9 months to be exact! This way I could get my RSVP in early, everyone is able to take the necessary time off and I could get a count of how many people would be attending the reception. Here is a tip for all my destination brides! Send your invitations off 9-12 months in advance. Since you are not having a typical wedding, you have to give your guest time to save the money up for the wedding and the extra accommodation.

Since I am having a destination wedding I opted for the pocket invitation. Pocket invitation usually has multiple cards, used to print information need for your wedding guest. I think this is a great choice for those having a destination wedding. You can inform guest of hotel accommodation, activities/events available at the destination site, travel arrangements, and more. Pocket invitations are elegant and easy to make for all my DIY brides out there. Check out you local craft store for great wedding ideas!

Since I am having my wedding on the cruise, I have one vendor. This is fab for me. I do not have to shop around and wonder whether I have the right florist or baker. Many couple has a tough time figure out who should be their vendors for their special. I have found it convenient that I can skip that step. Since the wedding is on Carnival Sensation Cruise, I will be working The Wedding Experience in regards to the ceremony. I hope they are good because if they are not, you all will know! LMao! I received all my information so I have many forms to fill out.

Zone #1: Motivation and Organization

We all heard the saying, "A wedding lasts a day, a marriage lasts a lifetime" but a day can mean a lifetime of memories. I never thought that I would be so involve in the process. I never though that I would be in the wedding zone but I am. Each day that passes, I get deeper and deeper into cake toppers, bridal gowns, hairstyles and all things full of tulle! Lmao! I am finding the wedding industry to be a very interesting and creative experience.

Everyday is a motivator to have every aspect of the wedding in high gear. By every aspect of the wedding, I mean the favors, the wedding cost, getting fit for the nuptials, and making sure your wedding party is ready to go. I have some many ideas for my wedding but I am finding it hard to please everyone while maintaining my vision for the wedding. It is a bit hard because everyone has an opinion or a view. Sometimes family and friends need to understand that the wedding day is about the bride and the groom.

I also notice that I have to be extremely organized to plan your own wedding. I am many things but organized is not one of them. I am working on that but I finding it hard. I guess I picked a great time to work in organization skills while planning a wedding! Lmao! This is getting really interesting. I have to put on my "A" game because the day is coming up very fast.

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