Thursday, October 8, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Presents: The Wedding Zone with Malan B.

Sea of Love

There are many ways to have a wedding. You can have a traditional wedding with a church, lovely white roses, stretch limo, and pictures on the steps of the chapel You can have a wild and fun wedding with red dress, a funky venues, and a cakes worth a million words. A wedding can be anything you want it to be. It can be filled with drama or fun. Ian and I decided on fun and lots of traveling with family and friends! When Ian and I sat down made some decision on our wedding. We wanted an fun yet sophisticated wedding where our wedding guest to have experience that they will never forget. A wedding on the open sea! A sea of love, fun, and exploration. If you are getting married
have a wedding ceremony that reflects you and your mate! Whether it is a traditional style or full of imagination. If you love to travel than have destination wedding. If you want a theme wedding, than do that too.

For me I wanted a destination wedding. I love to see new and interesting things. I also love the convenience of having a wedding with little to worry about. I am finding that having a wedding on a cruise is a lot easier than a traditional wedding plus less expensive. The caterer, the photographer, the officiant, and the florist are included in the Carnival wedding cruise package.
How great is that! Many cruise line have their own vendors that the deal with exclusively. It is very convenient for a bride on a budget or a bride with little time.

Many people are opting for a destination weddings. Did you know that 16 percent of marriages are destination weddings and 21 % of destination weddings are aboard a cruise ship!

Looking for the right vendors

Finding a great carter, florist, and officiant is a task for any bride. So if you are planning you wedding by yourself please research your vendors careful, be sure of their credentials and abilities! Before I decided on a Carnival Wedding Cruise, I found some great vendors from is like a yellow pages for wedding vendors. The best thing about this site is the review section. You can read about who is great and not so great!

Also check out sites like and They have great ideas and an awesome online community and some ideals for your union.

Tip #2:
Avoid Online buying for your wedding. It is best to see your purchase up close and personal. Online picture can be deceiving! Go out and buy your items from the store. Check out local wedding stationary stores. They have great deals too!

I have one step down in regards to wedding planning. I sent out my Save The Date! I am so excited Here is an exclusive look!

I sent out my Save-The-Date cards 11 months before the wedding. I decided to opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) for my wedding stationary. DIY invitations are creative and inexpensive. I used the Wilton Fan Favor Kits as my save the date cards. I got some great idea by going to craft stores. I choose the wording and the format for the Save The Date fans through research online. I also stamped back of each save-the-date envelop. The stamp said Destination Paradise. How cute is that. It was made by Hampton Art. It was a great find at A.C Moore and Craft store.

There are many ideas you can use to make your wedding unique and fun. For example, make a video on Youtube and use that as a save the date card! A save the date video can be seen by all of your friends and family no matter where they are. How about sending postcards from around the world as save the date cards! Postcards are memorable, inexpensive, and fun. Sending a personalized deck of cards is a great idea too. Think outside the box ladies and Gents, because being creative is always a great idea.

Come back next week for more GlitterBuzzStyle Presents: The Wedding Zone with Malan B.

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