Monday, October 5, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Beauty Review

My Mark. Test

So I have been having major issues with my face for the last 2 months. I've had this huge pimple that wouldn't go away, (I refused to pop pimples, they leave scars) my skin was constantly oily and I just looked a mess. I wasn't too happy with the way my face was looking and make-up wasn't doing the trick.

The beauty buzz that continue to spread was Mark. and now was the perfect time to explore the possibilities while my face was in crisis. Mark. Cosmetics was on my "IT" list. Here is my step by step process for 3 weeks images and all. And of course the ending results!

Week One

I began using the Calming Effect Cleanser $7which has milk, banana and oats to helps nourish the skin.
Blemishes and pimples that are surrounding my cheekbone

The pimple in that dark circle area that expands a few days later.The Shine Fighter Mask $7 that I let sit for a good 10 minutes, I want it to sink into my pores! (Image to the L.)

This mask helps control the oil and it smells amazing it has apricot and sugar cane ingredients.

Love it I applied this 4x a week.
Afterwards I used Matte Chance lotion $15 to give my face that all around moisture with sugar cane and pumpkin seed. The airless pump on it is the best I wish all lotions were made like that.

Week Two

My face begins to look very clear and fresh, I'm happy with the appearance, it's not oily and the Matte Chance Lotion is my fave necessity.

The pimple was coming up to the surface and that was a good sign except for the size.
All of the other blemishes and smaller pimples cleared up and the other one was slowly condensing.

The results this week was amazing I chose not to wear make up at all this week I just applied concealer on that pimple of course and over applied my gloss. My face looked fresh and I had a glow so make up didn't need to cover that.

Week Three

So this is it the last week and overall I'm happy with the results. I still plan on using Mark. I love it a lot and I expect more amazing results as they weeks go on. My face is still glowing and my skin's looking lovely. My pimple is finally peeling and has went down ( I finally squeeze it, it helped).

To check out the Mark skin care line go to

Special thanks to Kelly F. at Kaplow PR for the samples!

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