Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends


Cute fall jackets and dresses have made it's way to your local bebe.

Textured High Rib Bomber Jacket

A night out in black completes this look of inner and outer stylish vibes. A sexy knee high boot or a killer stiletto sets the night off.

Solo Shirred Metallic Dress
Bring out your glam style in this dress for instant statement mode. Trendy black heels and a rocking sparkle clutch will make the outfit sizzle.
Romantic Watercolor Bubble Dress
No spandex, no tights! Show those legs off all night! The fabric is silk so make sure you do have a warm coat that will keep you warm and then give it to them!

Cropped Puff Sleeve Jacket
This is a soft look and will be perfect with some casual jeans if your on the go. I love it because it's already flashy and you don't need to overrate your expression.

Lace Bodice Dress
I love this simple dress with a dash of lace and ruffles perfect for a first date of drinks and conversation, he will be pleased.

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