Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

More Looks From Marciano

Lavali Ruffle Tier Skirt $78

I love ruffles and this look isn't so over the top it's a precious look. Wear it with a sheer flirty blouse or an edgy cotton/spandex shirt.

Aria Sweater Boot
I like this boot a lot, great to rock with jeans and a trendy casual go getta dress.

Kate Sequin Dress $178
Bling on and be the spotlight! This number is sure to cause a few looks and glances bring on your inner Beyonce!

Nouveau Skinny Pants $118
The color is serious and the style is also, don't you love it.

Nadjia Coat $228
I love this look but the price is a bit hefty after I saw it was faux leather, hey we are in a recession.

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