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GlitterBuzzstyle Presents: Exclusive interview with Janelle Monae

Fashion Night Out on Thursday September 10th in New York City was filled with celebrity appearance, great fashion, and exclusive deals. GBS (Glitterbuzzstyle) was invited to M∙A∙C store in Soho in NYC for an exclusive interview Grammy Award-nominated Pop/Rock/Soul singer Janelle Monáe; enjoy the deejaying skills of DJ Harley Viera-Newton, and exclusive looks at some new M∙A∙C cosmetic products. Get ready GBS readers; this is Fashion Night out with Janelle Monáe and M∙A∙C Cosmetics.

Here is a short biography. the stylish songbird Janelle Monáe,

From a Kansas native to a Grammy Award nominated singer, Janelle is creator of new worlds with a classic voice. Ms. Monáe strong belief in her dreams and abilities lead her to worked with many great artist including Outkast, Cee-Lo Green, Diddy, No Doubt, and Travis McCoy to name a few. This Bad Boy artist is also the founder of Wondaland Arts Society, a independent record label. Janelle Monáe takes the audience to another universe with her music. With tracks like “Many Moons” and “Violet Stars Happy Hunting” you are taken to Metropolis! Janelle album, Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase was a universe filled soul, funk, androids, and beauty.

Here is an exclusive interview with Janelle Monáe along with pictures of the event!

GBS (Glitterbuzzstyle): Many people are anticipating your show at Terminal 5 on Friday, September 18th with Montreal. What will the atmosphere of the show be like?

Janelle Monáe: It is going to be very wild. I don't know what to expect. I am performing with my good friends and one of my favorite bands called Montreal. We will do a lot of experimenting on stage and making art right in front of the audience’s eyes!

GBS: What was your inspiration for your music and your style?

Janelle Monáe: I haven't been listening to a lot of music because I been really heavy, deep into finishing my album Metropolis. Which is done now, Thank God! I been studying Salvador Dali and I am a visual artist as well. That was I been really inspired of as of late. Claude Monet inspired me. I found inspiration from many artists, who left and put a dent in Art world.

GBS: What's the anticipated release date for Metropolis Suites II & III?

Janelle Monáe: It will be early next year but do not like to give out dates. Though many wanted the album to release a year ago. We were not finish. We need some time. All good things come with time.

GBS: What is your beauty secret?

Janelle Monáe: I'm an android. I get it renewed every year (laughs). Seriously I exercise. I take care of myself. I do not drink or take drugs. I believe that helps. I like having a sober mind. A sober mind leads to beautiful skin.

GBS: What events do you have coming up? Any concerts?

Janelle Monáe: I may be doing an Afro Punk tour. I just came off with New Doubt. I will be in Amsterdam at the end of the month. I also have a show at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

For More information on Janelle Monáe, Check her out here

Fashion Night Out in New York was fabulous. The M∙A∙C Cosmetic Store in Soho had a fabulous DJ and great appetizer. The M∙A∙C store was filled with fabulous make up artists and great products!

I loved the Shop in Black collection! The eye shadow is glam and the Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer must have! This line is so Gothic chic! It is a must have! Keep your eye out for this Shop in Black collection.

I love the Make - Up Art Collections. Richard Phillips, Maira Kalman, and Marilyn Minter inspired this line of cosmetics. It is fresh and full of color. My pick for the Make-Up Art Collection is the Richard Phillips eye shadow. The Eye Shadow X 4: Photo Realism is a must have for your cosmetic bag! The Marilyn Minter M∙A∙C glitter adds shine and edge to your look! The Make-Up Art Collection is in stores now! Check it out Here

Fashion Night Out was a huge success for M∙A∙C Cosmetics and all the M∙A∙C lovers in the City!

Special Thanks to Recording artist Janelle Monáe for the interview and Heather Parks Manager, Global Communications at MAC Cosmetics for arranging the interview.

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