Thursday, September 3, 2009

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What's The Real Deal?

Leann Rimes has confirmed she will be getting a divorce from her husband Dean Shermet.

“After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Deane and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage,”

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So does this mean that her and Eddie Cibrian will be hooking up on the regular? Oh that's right their out on public dates after denying that their chemistry in their movie wasn't off screen.

Eddie's wife Brandi Glanville hasn't kept her mouth closed about the incident she said that Leann can have him.

This seems like a deja vu situation anyone thinking Mr. and Mrs. Smith. (Team Aniston)

One a positive note: Leann and Eddie if this is true Karma is an ugly thing, hopefully Brandi and Deane depending on the REAL reason why their partners stepped out, will find someone who will commit to them and not act out on sexual needs.

Our second question goes to Alicia Keys and producer/rapper Swizz Beats, rumors are still going strong that he was cheating on his wife Mashonda a singer.

In a statement over a year ago he was quoted stating this "That sh-- just looks like drama," he said. "They got another big name involved. No, I'm not doing [any] f---ing interviews. Only thing I'm commenting on is music-related. I don't comment on my personal life. Why start now? You start commenting on that sh--, then they start twisting it out. I'm not gonna speak about nothing. They [gave Mashonda] two pages in Hip Hop Weekly. She didn't even say nothing about Alicia. They blew it up on They flipped that into some other sh--.
"I'm not hiding anything," he added. "I can see if I was hiding something. I'm a grown man. Nobody is living no perfect life. Mashonda has a single coming out that I funded, photo shoots that I funded. We made our statement that we're still working together. They didn't wanna believe it. I said I would be continuing to support her career. Nobody wants to look at that sh--. They wanna look at 'Alicia Keys.' That sh-- is ignorant."

Doesn't he sound a bit harsh at the mouth if it isn't true why so strong with the words.

Masonda has gone on to say Alicia Keyes is the reason for the split and Alicia continues to not utter one word, seems like she doesn't want to dissappoint her true fans.

But then these photos surface and I'm left confused Alicia Keys say something!

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