Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Q&A with Mad Men’s lead makeup artist Lana Horochowski

M·A·C Artist Relations department provides makeup support to several movies, theater and TV shows. Of course, Mad Men is one of them!

Q. You're the new department head at Mad Men for season 3, will you be making any changes to any characters makeup?

A. Since we are moving forward in the future, we have changed up the color palette to go along with the time period.

Q. What are the key products for creating the makeup looks for the main female characters.

A. Joan Holloway- We do an heavier eye on Christina, the key products would be eyeliner and strip lashes.
Betty Draper- For her home look she is very natural, a sheer foundation, black eyeliner and mascara. For the evening thicker mascara and eyelashes and her clothes are always coordinated.
Peggy Olson- A natural cheek and lip stain.

Q. What can real women take from the show and incorporate into their own look?

A. Lining their top lash with a gel liner like M.A.C's Fluidline. Replacing gloss and shimmer with a matte reds, bright pinks and corals. Using creams instead of powder blushes and for the evening strip lashes.

Courtesy of Heather P. of M.A.C

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