Friday, August 21, 2009

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Who wants to date/marry a Millionaire

Well, it sounds good and I'm sure the lifestyle would be amazing especially for those who are on a tight budget in this recession. But wanting to date/marry one shouldn't just be based on money. Millionaire men have or want it all and knowing that seems a bit scary mentally.

In recent days the reality show
Megan Wants A Millionaire had men who were worth 1.5-5.5 million dollars and they wanted to give Megan Hauserman all the finer things in life including marriage. Now the thought of a successful wealthy man not being able to find a decent woman seems strange so their thinking was to find it on reality television. How smart is that?

Claimed millionaire Ryan Alexander Jenkins, 32who is very attractive used his good looks and stated that he would not allow Megan to sign a prenup if they did tie the knot. Sounds convincing?? Sounds like this man isn't thinking smart and there may be a screw loose if you're offering that. It turns out he is missing a few screws he is currently charged with murder for the killing of his wife former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore that was strangled and put in a suitcase. How disturbing is that.

He is currently on the run and Vh1 has cancelled the show and people are thinking , how they hell did a killer get on the show.
The latest on this tragedy: Ryan allegedly severed her fingers and removed her teeth to make it harder to identify her, cops said Thursday night. The man hunt is on!

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So the point of this post is to remind you that sometimes things are usually too good to be true. As women we all need to use better judgement and not fall into this fantasy in life because it's not real. For a few marriages that made it where they've married someone super wealthy and life is grand is an exception. It doesn't mean that a million of us will have that chance, creative your own destiny and always use your common sense it's free knowledge.
**Update: Ryan took his own life. He hung himself in his motel room.

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