Thursday, August 6, 2009

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He Cheated, Now What?

A interesting story caught my attention and I thought it needed to be addressed.

Tracy Davis Hood decided to plot revenge on her husband with two other women he was having an affair with. The women decided to lure the man into a Wisconsin motel by using a mistress as a decoy. Once inside the room the man was blindfolded and tied up.
Guessing he was going to chop down a kinky one he prepared himself for the ride of his life only to later find his wife and two other women busting into the room to superglue his privates and threaten to shoot him. After the incident, the wife admitted she was ashamed and was an emotional wreck!

Revenge feels so sweet and good but at times it can be the wrong thing to accomplish. The hurt, anger and betrayal is the worst feeling on any person. Dealing with crisis should be thought out clearly and if crazy thoughts enter you mind reach out to individuals that can support your state.

Acts of violent measures never solves anything. Think about YOU, and how strong you will become with him or without him!

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