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GlitterBuzzStyle Presents: The Wedding Zone with Malan B.

GlitterBuzzStyle Presents: The Wedding Zone with Malan B.

My name is Malan B, I am 25, a freelance writer, and I am getting married. I wrote many exclusive articles for I was very excited that GBS want me to write about my journey as a bride and the wedding process.

I will write about every detail regarding my wedding. I will show you pictures of my save the date cards, my invitations, my bridesmaids’ dresses and great wedding websites. You will also know about the proper etiquette regarding a wedding invitations, and DIY projects. I will also talk about the stress and joys of planning your own wedding.

The Proposal

So you are probably wondering, how did your fiancée propose. It was a proposal that was sweet, funny, and full of love. You have to understand that Ian and I are very playful and silly couple. We consistently play practical joke on each other, our proposal was a reflection of that. Ian and I were watching TV (TNA Wrestling to be precise.) Side note: I am a huge wrestling fan since I was a little girl. Ian and I were watching TNA Wrestling, when Ian pops the question.

This is how the proposal went down:

Ian: “Malan. I going to ask you some question and I hope you say yes to all of them. Do you love me?”

Me: “Yes, why what did you do?”

Ian: “ Babe, I didn’t do anything! Just answer the questions, ok baby.”

Me: “Alright”

Ian: Do you want to be with me?”

Me: “Yeah, why?”

Ian shakes his head: “ How would you feel about being with me forever?”

Me: “I am ok with that. Why, what did you do?”

Ian laughs: “I didn’t do anything! “I am asking you to be my wife.” Ian bends down on one knee pulls out the ring box Will you marry me?” Ian opened the ring box.

Me: “Oooh! Ok!” I started to shake. I was in complete shock!

Ian laughs and states “Is that a yes or no, Malan?”

Me: “It’s a Yes! I will marry you!”

Laughter filled the air as we embrace each other and kiss. I call up my mom and my sisters to tell them the good news. I received congratulations from many of my family and friends.

Planning The Wedding

As soon as we announced our engagement, people began to ask me a load of questions regarding the wedding.

What are your colors?

Who are the bridesmaids?

Who is the maid of honor?

Who is the Matron of Honor?

What will the bridesmaids wear?

Will you have it in a church?

Will it be on the beach?

How will be your officiant?

What type of invitations will you have?

When will you send out the Invitations?

Will you have Save The Dates Cards?

What is your budget? ( Yeah, I know! That was a weird and rude question from a stranger.)

Where will the reception be?

Where are you registered?

Are you planning to get in shape for your nuptial? (Yes, someone actually ask me that!)

Will you get a photographer or a videographer?

Are you changing your name?

Will you have it in your hometown or his?

Am I invited? ( I guess you will know when you get a invitation!)

When are you sending out the invitations?

What type of wedding will you have traditional or casual?

Will you have a destination wedding?

Will you have a theme wedding?

Who are you inviting?

Will it be a small or large wedding?

What type of cake will you get? ( One word - butter cream)

Omg! In a matter of months I was sucked into “The Wedding Zone!” I am buying every wedding magazine and surfing wedding website imaginable. I did not realize how many wedding boutiques, venues, stationary stores, favors ideas, and color schemes are available. Now I know why the Wedding Industry is a $72 billion business! There is a lot to be done for my wedding and I am so happy that you will be with me as I enter " The Wedding Zone" and come out a newlywed!

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