Sunday, October 19, 2008

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Old Navy has women's plus sizes exclusively online and here are their trendy new arrivals!

Women's Plus Wool-Blend V-Neck Sweaters Regular Price $29.50 $25.00 Available in Tons of Colors

Perfect color to have for those winter cold nights. Marshmallow white is a great color that can always be paired with any dressy look or casual attire.

Women's Plus Scarf Cardigans Regular Price $36.50

The color is pretty and the style is very trendy. I think this look is very flirty and everyone needs to feel that flirtatious vibe!

Okay so we all can get a use out of this bag! I'm into cute bags and pop colors and I think with a casual outfit on a Saturday morning while running errands it will add a bit of posh in your step minus the stilettos

Gorgeous evening dress and it very flattering on the body!

To browse more of the women's plus line at old navy online go to

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