Monday, August 11, 2008

GlitterBuzzStyle Women's Issue's

So here we have our first Women's Issue topic that I'm sure everyone will be able to relate to.

Our friend is here and the pain and aggravation begins.

Why do we even call our lovely period our friend? Friends are suppose to be friendly, comforting, understanding and all that good stuff but when this friend comes she brings nothing but pain!

Funny isn't it, we should call it the Beast is here she will be here for about seven days or 2-4 days when she has the proper medicine! LOL!!

Sometimes having our period can lead to happiness if someone slipped and didn't use what they should have, once you see that spot you are all smiles. This is a very happy moment for those individuals. (Next time be more careful ladies!)

Anyway our period which is really our menstraual cycle is a process of life and apart of our fabulous woman hood! And as much as I wish I never get it a lot of older woman have said to me menopause is part 2 but tougher. (Not looking forward to that)

Here are some great facts about our best friend!

  • A woman gets her period roughly every 4 weeks from the time she has her first period (menarche) until menstruation stops (menopause).36. National Center for Health Statistics p 3; 37. ACOG No 349 p. 1324B

  • The lengths of a woman's menstrual cycles vary the most during the few years right after menarche (first period) and in the years right before menopause.

Tips for Relieving Symptoms Around the Time of Your Period

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help feel your best:

So are Friend is here to stay with us for awhile I guess at the end of the day we have to appreciate her and be glad that we are the strongest gender out there because we can handle any and everything that comes our way!


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Anonymous said...

I just hit menopause so my body is slowly changing and this is one thing I'm glad to be leaving my life ha.

Anonymous said...

i hate my period i always look fat and feel horrible. I was told taking birth control and help reduce pain when it comes. Helps regulate it more.

Anonymous said...

My Menstrual cramps can be up and down.. once month painful the next month I feel nothing. It's very annoying.


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