Thursday, July 24, 2008

GlitterBuzzStyle Entertainment

If your getting sick of the same songs being played on the radio like I am, then you will be very happy to hear this. Two new songs from my diva Beyonce from her new upcoming album has leaked. Of course we expect the best because it is Beyonce and that's just what I got from these two singles. My personal favorite is "Should Have, now I know" and also "Beautiful Nightmare" they are hot. I must say a very very different sound from her last two albums and I like that. Beyonce has turned a new leaf ladies and gents and its great because the two singles are very unique but yet similar. I'm very particular when it comes to music and I was not disappointed. I have both Beyonce Albums and it looks like I will be buying her third. Apparently sources have been saying this is going to be her last album, but I'll believe that when it actually takes place. So if your in the mood for something new below are the links to listen to both tracks. Let your ears be amazed and let me know what you think.


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