Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Kits by Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman
Day/Night Summer Kits
First Impressions
I love Lisa Hoffman’s great description and graphics on the facial kits. The sun and the moon are a cute gesture. The color combinations are easy to identify as well. The light weight bag is great for the products and it adds a bit of class to it

The cleansers are wonderful for one's face, it made my skin feel soft instantly. I was amazed how smooth it felt. A lot of products don't have that huge quality but this does. I enjoyed using this product because it works and I was able to see results after one day.

Our staff was pleased to try a larger version of the facial kit it was such a huge success in the office that I had to let some others try it out for themselves. Here are their responses.

April D. 19- I like this product because it made my skin feel smoother and softer. I couldn't ask for anything more. It's a great product.

Christy D. 44- It really works! I noticed it the same day I tried it and I was happy with it. I have used so many products in my years and I never got excellent results. I get up in the morning and I can't wait to use the morning kit. and at night I'm in a rush to use my night kit, its so much fun and my skin looks so healthy!

Melissa R. 40- The smaller kit worked and the larger kit is even better! It's a must have item. I will continue to use Lisa Hoffman products because I love the results that I see. The Lip Serum feels so good every time!
Jessica 28- Love it! The Cleanser and the Toner do a lot of good work. I actually keep the lip treatment in my purse, I'm obsessed!

Lisa Hoffman's facial DAY summer kits
Day Cleanser
Day Toner
Day Cream SPF 15
Day Eye Cream
Day Lip Conditioner

NIGHT summer kits:

Night Cleanser Vitamin A & C Serum
Night Cream
Night Eye Serum
Night Lip Serum

Limited Edition. Available for a limited time only. So get yours now at

Thanks Amy and Melissa for this excellent product!

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