Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reviews: Pop Beauty

Looking to try a new cosmetic that can surely give you that kick you deserve?
Pop Beauty has been creating a wide buzz and GlitterBuzzStyle has just gotten hooked on this. Why are we so late on this “IT” product! Well now that we know about it let’s tell you why it’s so hot!

Lid Collection $19

First impression: Great pastel colors! These eye shadows are perfect for day and evening activities.
For the diva’s who are lost about applying eye shadow, don’t worry a description is provided right on the top of the packet. It shows you how to get that glamorous look that you’ve always wanted! And did I mention its perfect for a small size clutch as well!
The colors are perfect if you like simple its not too busy but it does give you a flirty look.

Lip Smoothie $12

Well we have tried the Toffee smoothie and it was excellent! Toffee is a great color that has a nude approach with sexy sparkle for the girly girl in you. And to make it extra special it has a great flavor. Lip Smoothies come in 18 colors so you have a huge variety of glam nights.

I'm a pink girl but I have been using toffee just as much as my pink glosses.

Day to Play $42
Perfect for a woman who is on the go that can dazzle themselves in a heartbeat!
This kit gives you the choice of being a natural beauty or a daring chica! A girl can become who ever she wants at any given second. With the perfect color clutch to add that pop flavor “Day to Play” plays it up as well.

This was perfect for my daring taste. I tried the blue, green, hot pink and it looked fabulous on me. The trick is to try the heavy stuff first and add colors you are more use to on top. The colors were a bit crazy for a few of the ladies but they did try a few out in public and received great comments!!
Eye Cake $19
The canister is a unique addition for your hobo bag. I love the size of this treat. I totally think Eye Cake is a night time look that adds that flirty martini vibe. It brings nighttime fierceness to life!
Linear Cake color didn't look too hot on me. It was just too dark for my taste. I put it on going out to dinner and I blended a few colors to make it work. But they have a wide selection of other colors and I'm sure I could find something for my liking.

Lip Lust $16
This is great because it’s small and perfect for a girl who doesn’t need much to look fabulous. Dewy Toffee: has a great sheer shimmer effect! Love the name “Lip Lust” it’s perfect for a lipstick! With three other colors to choose from the looks of Flirty Fuchsia and Petal Pink are so the color of the moment!

What can I say you definitely lust this!

To get a taste of Pop Beauty and all its glamour check out
or you can hit up
Thanks Kathleen and Susan for the great products!!

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