Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GlitterBuzzStyle Entertainment

Seeing all these upcoming birthdays is making me more excited for mine. Everything is always bigger and better when you’re a celebrity. How nice Beyonce hosted and planned the whole thing for her sister. When it came time to plan Solange Knowles 22ND birthday party, there's was no hesitation big sister made sure she had awesome time. The guest list included some pretty big names and they all showed up to wish her a happy b-day.
Wearing a bright bold orange strapless dress, Solange looked stunning. By the way I'm glad her sister Beyonce let Solange be the center of attention and wore a simple black dress, you can't out do the birthday girl. Didn't know the girl was just 22 years old. Oh how I love to be young. Her new album Sol Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams hits stores this August. And she recently told press that having a famous older sister has its blessings as well as its curses. I like where Solange is going with her album, shes definitely not trying to be her sister or outshine her at all. Her style is different just as Beyonce had her own style and I like it.


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