Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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I always thought that the sexiest shoes were Manolos, Louboutin, and Jimmy Choos. But is it still so?

The sexiest pair I found were the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Patent Pumps like these.

And these Christian Louboutin Satin Peep Toes

But other than that, there was nothing to lay my eyes on…

So, without making a purchase, I started browsing the websites of shoe designers. And guess what? I finally found a designer who’s shoes ARE sexy (in my opinion) And it’s Sergio Rossi and I'm buying 10 pairs from the designer!

But back to real life, 10 pairs isn’t happening until I die and reborn as Victoria Beckham, I am torn between these babies.

Metallic Blue Carung Sandals with Crystals

Gold Leather Platform Sandals

Turquoise Stone High Heel Sandals

They all are so pretty it makes it impossible to choose! So, do Sergio Rossi look sexy and cool to you, or is it just my special sudden obsession that makes them look so hot to me?

Looking at them I even came up with a theory that sexy footwearr should have some formula or something, and here is what, I think, makes shoes sexy:

1. The heels should be high, the higher, the better, so that you feel AND look sexy no matter what!

2. The heels should have this perfect shape.. long, slim, even pointy pointy so that they scream “sexy”!

4. When it comes to sexy, color is important. I personally love the diversity of many different colors. If you wear shoes with color, they WILL be noticed and so will you!

And what about you, which shoes YOU like? Are Sergio Rossi’s on your List? Where do you get your hottest shoes?




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