Friday, May 23, 2008

Nail Brand Carolyn

Are you looking for a great new nail polish to try but haven’t found one that works well for you.

Carolyn New York maybe what you’ve been missing!
The company sent me sets of color polishes for anytime of the day. I enjoyed being bold with NY Harbor it’s a perfect color for the beginning of summer. You can wear it with light attire or even all black. Plus it’s a great pop color for attention seekers!

A huge favorite in the office was Brooklyn. I wasn’t a fan at first because the color seems a bit to dark for my taste but once I tried it on I wanted it. But I was out numbered. This color looks very sexy matched up with a gorgeous black mini!

And for the simple girl who loves everything natural can enjoy a light pink polish called Park Chixs. This is everyone’s favorite quick polish trend.

I love the fact that the names of the polish are so creative and fun. The packaging is another thing that caught my eye with images of the city buildings in gold with the black background. I love it very trendy and classy!

Although we tried a lot of polishes I was looking for more summer colors because the bright trend is on high demand right now but at the end of the day if your nails are done and look amazing nothing else matters.

Also they have the best cuticle oils in Lavender and Citrus, my favorite is Lavender and it works so well!
Carolyn New York has a large variety of colors so you won’t be disappointed prices are $5.50 so splurge, you’re worth it!
Dazzle your nails with Carolyn

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