Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Review + Giveaway: The Spatty


I have a new beauty tool in my life that’s definitely going to come in handy. It’s the Spatty! It’s the perfect essential for when you can’t get to the extra product in your beauty packaging. I know it can be annoying when you can’t get the last bit of product out of your makeup/skincare packaging. We all have been there and we just simply throw it away out of frustration. But now you can ease up a bit because the Spatty can give you 25% more usage out of your products before you trash it.

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Another great thing about the Spatty is that you can use it for kitchen essentials (jars, containers) paint and even crafting projects. All of the spatula’s are affordable in my opinion at $5.49-$10.99. Some of them come in single packets or duo sets.

I was gifted two packets and I would love to offer a giveaway of the lip spatula to one of my readers!! I think it would be beneficial especially if you love beauty products like me.

Here is the scoop on the giveaway

US residents only!  Follow any 1 of our social feeds and share giveaway!   
Ends 3/11/20
And make sure you check out the Spatty!


melissa cushing said...

This is seriously a tool that I need! I have so many small bottles that this will be perfect for and I cannot believe I have not seen something like this until now. Simply genius and heading over to check this out and pick up a set.

The Super Mom Life said...

I've never seen anything like this as a beauty tool! I have a few of them in the kitchen, but they are larger.

Jay Aguirre said...

Oh whoa what a cool tool. Such a unique way to adapt a spatula to something different and equally as useful!

Amary said...

This is definitely useful to getting every bit of product out. Will check this out.

indra k said...

Seems to be wonderful beauty product. Never used this tool would love to try. Tempting giveaway indeed.

kumamonjeng said...

I definitely need this for many things, my serum for face, my cleanser, the cooking ingredient in liquid form. Cool idea.

Luna Moon said...

This is such a neat and useful products! I could have used this for a few things, thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I love this!! I would use this with lotion and shampoo bottles. I can never get all of it at the bottom. LOL. Thanks!

Ashley R said...

That is the neatest little tool ever! I’m always the one squeezing and scraping my products until they are gone. We pay so much for them.


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