Wednesday, March 4, 2020

My IVF Journey: Genetic Results + Gender

March 3 will always be a memorable one because it was an unexpected day. I had my usual morning routine, was having mild menstrual cramps, spent the morning having coffee with my parents and wore a new pink tee that said good vibes. Little did I know that would have an indirect meaning as the day progressed.

Once I got home around 11:45 am, I noticed I had a missed call but I didn’t recognize the number. I listened to the message and it was from my IVF doctor calling with genetic results on our one embryo. (We were expecting to get results by March 16th so this was very unexpected).

I stopped the message midway and didn’t want to listen because the possible news could be bad. I let my partner know that she had called with results and he wanted to delay the outcome in fear of the bad news potentially.We have been wanting since mid November, this process was super long and I just couldn’t allow another moment to wait again. So I decided to go into my dressing room and play the message.

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“Hi Chastity this is Dr. Treiser just wanted to let you know we have your results back from genetic testing and you have one normal embryo that’s ready for transfer.
At that moment my heart stopped. This was wonderful news. The embryo was cleared of any genetic disorders everything looks and is healthy. It was the best news ever!

After 20 minutes of crying and jumping for joy and calling my mom and aunt. I had to call the doctor to see what the next steps would be and also to find out what the gender was going to be.
My head was saying it would be a boy but in my heart I truly wanted a girl. Yes, we know we ALL want a healthy baby that’s the main reason IVF is so important. You just want a child at the end of the day. But deep down you still are human and you still visualize what gender you will raise. That thought does go in your mind just like someone thinking of their wedding day.

The conversation on the phone with the doctor was very business, she mentioned possibly doing another cycle because the chances are low when it’s only one embryo. But we have spent over $33,000 out of pocket! And there isn’t another $33,000 to give at this moment so it’s not an option! She went on to talk about a small procedure called a Saline Sonogram (SIS) (checking to see if everything is good in uterus) that I will have to do and to get in contact with my nurse to work out a transfer schedule. I understand this is a money making business that’s what it is. The doctor is doing her job but there was no excitement and I just need to hear the gender at this point. I could think about the next process that was going to be another step to this IVF. So I asked “Did you do a gender testing”? She said yes and if I wanted to know? Mike and I said Yes at the same time. So there was a pause and she said it’s a...And I can hear the first letter out of her mouth was G!! She starts again “It’s a girl”!!
I literally died, and came back to life and cried, and was happy, nervous and was soooo many wild emotions! I just couldn’t believe it. I did it ! IVF worked for me! Even though this was still the beginning of a few more steps I believe that I will be alright! I will be having a baby girl!! And the pink t-shirt I decided to wear that day was confirmation and the whole day was even more joyous!!

My advice is don’t give up, don’t be afraid. Pray, believe and keep yourself positive. God has made us warriors for a reason.
I will start updating the next step of my IVF Journey. If anyone has any questions feel free to email
Hope all you have a blessed day!

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