Monday, November 4, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 7)

Day 7
I finally feel completely tired, and aggravated! I have barely gotten any sleep with these medications I feel like they keep you up. My body is tired so much monitoring to go to and my partner is driving me nuts!

I feel like I need a vacation of fun and relaxation hopefully I can get one once this is done. I am really glad that my follicles are looking good and things are going smoothly. It’s wonderful to have that part fully on track during this experience.

The process of needles have gotten much better like clock work. I also think it’s because I want to just get the agony over. The build up pressure of injections can be major anxiety at times. But the goal at the end is what we are all expecting. Just a little more and it will be over soon, right!

Until Day 8

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