Monday, November 4, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 6) Garnerlix Injection

Day 6
Today I was told that I was doing great and that I had 5 follicles that were at a good number. Usually you have to have at least one follicle at 15 for the doctors to move forward. I was passed that number so it was time for me to take a new injection shot called Garnerlix This medication is used by women having certain fertility treatments (controlled ovarian stimulation). Ganirelix is usually used in combination with other hormones (FSH and hCG). It works by blocking the release of a certain hormone (luteinizing hormone). Ganirelix stops eggs from being released too early and gives the eggs time to grow properly.

I was told by the nurse that it will have a burning sensation after and I have read that the needle is usually dull.
On my first try I didn’t have any issues, it was very smooth and better than the other two I am taking.

I was super nervous to add a third injection shot because I was just getting use to the other two. Just when you think you are getting comfy all changes in a second. At the end of the day I have to be happy that at least I am doing well on the medication and things are going great!

Stay tuned for Day 6

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