Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My IUI Journey #4 Trigger Shot Fail

Well today was the day I was suppose to start my trigger shot Ovidrel after being on Clomid for 5 days. Unfortunately my follicles weren’t mature enough to start the process so I have to go back to the fertility specialist on Monday.

I was very prepared for the day, getting the ultrasound and moving forward with the shot which I hate needles. And now I am in the waiting stages again. I didn’t know that the follicles had to at least be at 18 mm for them to start you on a trigger shot to boost ovulation. Mine were only at a 13 so I am hoping that it grows by Monday. If not back to NYC I go until they reach a high number!!!

This journey seemed a bit easy but it definitely has had a lot of setbacks because of the unknown of it all. You can’t rush things to happen even though you want it dearly. With today’s delay, I decided that a glass of champagne was needed. After a month of no alcohol I decided that today was the right day for one.

No worries as I sip...Things will work out...At least in this moment everything feels amazing. Cheers!

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