Thursday, April 18, 2019

My IUI Journey #5 I Triggered

Another appointment for my Ovidrel trigger shot is today. Hopefully my follicles are high enough that I can trigger and do IUI. I feel great and wonderful so there isn’t a real reason why I can’t move forward, except if none of my follicles reach 18 mm. Thankfully my parents have the day off and decided to help out and take me to NYC.

7 am monitoring I checked in and I feel like my numbers are high. The champagne had to work last night I am sure! After having an ultrasound I had 4 follicles measured at 18+, 16+, 16+ and 15+. The doctor says 18 is the magic number and you only need one mature follicle to start trigger so I am good! My other follicles will probably reach the high numbers just in time for my IUI. Everything is working and I am super excited!!! The trigger shot was super easy and did not hurt! I hate needles no matter how small I still hate them. But this shot I didn’t feel a thing not even a pinch! So if you’re scared don’t be!!

I was on cloud 9 all day after it was over. The big day comes tomorrow IUI and then the process is over. I am almost done with my journey it went pretty fast but I did have some challenges. Can’t wait until tomorrow, it will get real!

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