Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My R.A. Update 10/9/18

As many of you know I have R.A (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I usually share my status with others who have been diagnosed or who may be experiencing any symptoms. It's important for me to bring awareness about this chronic disease while also giving a platform for those to get information from me and other readers.

The video feature will update you on how I changed my diet and the foods that caused me major flairs, how blood work can cause flairs and medications that I am currently on. If you want more information feel free to send me a direct email or comment below with any R.A tips that you might have.

Video Feature 

My Medications
Plaquenil/Hydroxyxhlor 200mg 2x a day
Folic Acid 1mg 2x a day
Vitamin D2 50,000 Once a week
Iron (Ferrous) 325mg 2x a day

*I also drink a lot of Ginger Tea it helps especially at night.

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