Monday, September 24, 2018

My Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week this year was a different experience for me. I was able to attend a ton of great shows, get the backstage trends, connect with amazing talented people and become a backstage dresser! What a season filled of excitement, anxiety and knowledge. All aspects were worth it all and I can truly say I am blessed.

My first time being a dresser was filled with major jitters because it was a new experience and I was learning while working in the moment. Very fast paced, chaotic and a ton of adrenaline was the vibe I felt. Thank god a small sip of something good can make me relax a bit and work it all out. After the runway production wraps up it's super exciting to see photo's of the models you dressed for these amazing designers. Check out my girls I dressed from Pamela Rolland and Laquan Smith runway show, how fabulous!

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any backstage pictures while I was dressing which is sad because it was a memorable moment. 

In life you have to do what you love and appreciate those that help make those possibilities for you. Special thanks to my FIT instructors you all rock!

Fashion Week Fun BTS


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