Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bold Lips with Maybelline Matte Metallics


Let's get excited for the new shades from Maybelline's Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipsticks! I love metallic textures so when I was given the chance to try their new shades I was in for sure. Now my first thought were most of the shades were very bold and daring and not wearable for every day beauty looks. Depending on your lifestyle, your career and comfort zone you can find at least two that will be a winner!

 Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipsticks

The new shades that the PR girls sent me were Hot Lava ( My top favorite because its the perfect red statement and the metallic finish is so pretty), Copper Rose (My second favorite because its' a nice plum shade you can rock all day), Copper Spark ( My third favorite because it goes very well with my skin tone), Gun Metal ( Fun blue that's great for smokey eyes), Molten Bronze ( A rich brown/ burgundy blend), Pure Gold ( Bold gold shade), Serpentine (Emerald green), Smoked Silver (Gorgeous gray), White Gold (Nude). I wasn't sent this shade but they also have Silk Stone (Champagne shade).

Shade Hot Lava

Shade Hot Lava

Shade Copper Rose

Shade Copper Spark

Shade Pure Gold

The lipstick textures are very soft, they glide on and they look beautiful for night out looks. The only real shades that I would personally rock would be Hot Lava, Copper Rose and Copper Spark it suits my style more and makes me feel super confident. If you love to take risk when it comes to make up you might find the deeper bold shades are more up your alley. Check out the video feature and get the full beauty scoop on the collection below.

The price points are very affordable $5-7.50 depending on where you love to shop (Target, Walmart Ulta etc...)  Are you a fan of these shades?

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Special thanks to Haley and Jamie at BPCM for the samples, you ladies rock!


Andrea Darst said...

Following all ways as Andrea Darst on FB, @adarst213 on IG/Twitter. Shared:

kumamonjeng said...

Hey, the matte metalic turn out to be quite nice. Hot Lava is very attractive, I guess it will suit all occasion, even for office.

Cia Black said...

Bold lips is definitely right. I'm more of just a clear gloss girl or chapstick. But that copper rose, I may have to go and get me that.

Anonymous said...

I love Maybelline. White Gold (Nude) is a beautiful shade, I will definitely look for it in drugstores.

Hugs and kisses from DD's blog

Ithfifi said...

These look so pretty on you! I really like the hot lava shade, that is so flattering! I must start wearing lipstick!

Christiana Acha said...

Great lipstick. I really love maybelline products. I use them a lot, the texture and fragrance is always amazing.

Unknown said...

Those are certainly bold colors!! I like the matte look sometimes, changes things up! Also...loving those sunglasses in the first pic!

Jill Oliver-Fox said...

Oh how pretty. I love a nice metallic lipstick, they really are truly interesting. Copper spark is so pretty on you (well they all are).

Elizabeth O said...

This lip collection looks great and all the colours suit you really well. I love maybelline as a brand so definitely ones to watch out for!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I LOVE metallic lips! it looks so beautiful and chic yet with a slight edge I love

Natalia A said...

I also love metallic lipsticks! Those colours look kind of bold, indeed, but hot lava is a total beauty!

Nailil said...

Those lip colors looks so cute. They're perfect for spring and summer.

Unknown said...

Maybelline is a great brand and all the shades are really pretty and looks great on you <3


Tanvi from said...

I am not sure I would give them a shot but they look great on you.


Unknown said...

Wow, I rarely use metallic colours for lips as I usually go for nude and basic colours. It looks great on you.


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