Thursday, February 15, 2018

Runway: Vitruvius at NOLCHA


When it comes to true talent it doesn't matter the age of the designer it's all about the details that the artist/s displays when the model hits the runway. If the garment is grand the model that catwalks it will demand the audiences attention...and this speaks volumes. That night at Nolcha the collective student group behind the brand Vitruvius did exactly that. The creativity that these young designers put into their looks were beyond outside the box. The theme behind the collection was "Venetian Carnival" and they nailed it. I am excited to see what these future designers will make as their craft and passions grow even stronger in the fashion industry.  

Designer Website:

My Favorites


Karen Pemberton said...

I love these sorts of fashion shows. I don't think most of the clothes are super wearable for the average woman, but the shows are just so much fun.

meximoments said...

OOOH I love this vibe!! What a fab style... I think the skirts are my favorite!

Pilar said...

Awesome! I loved this fashion show, the clothes are amazing and also the hair styles are stunning, everything is flawless! <3

Stephanie J said...

These outfits are so much fun. I love watching fashion shows like this one! I love to think about what inspired the design! Such art!

Unknown said...

I'm not big on fashion, but I can appreciate the creativity of these designs. The top one isn't my favorite, but I really like the second one with the jester mask.


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