Thursday, February 16, 2017

Backstage Nails: NYFW CND with Jan Arnold

CND @Libertine FW'17

When it comes to creativity this brand does it like no other. Every season CND (Creative Nail Design) pushes the button by creating high fashion styles, eye catching elements and a story within their nails. Co-Founder and Style Director Jan Arnold, is passionate about telling the full story when it comes to the designs on the runway. It's all about paying attention to the details which makes the whole runway experience complete.

The inspiration was all about Romanian Gypsies with playful trends in floral, fringe, embroidery, tassel, metallic and more. The craftsmanship to get the nail styles completely iconic took over 400 hours to do. Which is amazing because it shows the huge effort the brand puts in each designer showcase they collaborate with.  The man behind Libertine Johnson Hartiq brings that playful vibe in his design so the dynamic duo of CND go hand and hand.

“This is our sixth season collaborating with Johnson on the Libertine show, and we could not be more thrilled with the outcome,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “With mutual respect and creative trust at the foundation of this partnership, we’ve built a colorfully diverse world of our own, taking the raw beauty of hand-craftsmanship and translating it into something refined and precious for the nail.”

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, CND is my favorite because its always something exciting and new, you won't every get bored with what they come up with. I just wished I could have left there with rockstar nails just like the models, maybe next season Jan.

“CND’s nails are unlike anything else out there on the runway,” said Hartig. “Every season, I think we can’t take it any further, and then we do! They continue to blow my mind with their artistry again and’s breathtaking.”

 Check out the beauty buzz video feature below for behind the scene footage, Jan Arnold talks up her fashionable style and the importance of the CND story on the runway.

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