Saturday, February 18, 2017

Backstage Nails: NYFW The Blonds FW'17

If you love true glamour nails The Blonds FW'17 collection gave a  good show when it came to their nail game. And they have to thank the brand CND for making that happen on the runway. Crafted with diamond like precision, the nails featured moonlit colors and hypnotic effects representative of a woman's tailsman.

“The Blonds are true creative partners,” said CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Our artistic spirits have always been intertwined, and this season elevated that synergy to a new level. Similar to their latest collection, CND’s Fall 2017 trend story is rooted in mercurial hues for spellbinding beauty with a dark and seductive edge.”

“We’ve created some of our most extraordinary masterpieces for The Blonds over the years,” said creative lead Shelena Robinson. “This season, we challenged ourselves to push the boundaries of our artistry with new innovative thinking, and we did it with love. It was all about sophistication and refinement for us this time around.”

“CND is simply incredible,” said The Blonds Creative Director David Blond. “The nails are always the last touch of glamour to finalize the look.”
“For this show, we actually decided to forego jewelry on the wrists and hands altogether because we really wanted the nails to serve that key purpose,” added designer Phillipe Blond. “And we knew CND would deliver like none other!”

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