Friday, April 26, 2013

Giveaway + Women’s Issues Topics Pt.3 Series

This week the topics we discuss will be on
1) How To Teach Your Daughters About Confidence, 2) How To Talk With Your Daughters About Boys, 3) What To Wear On A First Date, 4) How To Deal With Bully’s In School 5) What Do We Use As A Beauty Regimen Before Applying Our Makeup 6) Good Places To Shop For Bargain Finds 7) Things We Do To Pamper/Treat Ourselves.  Plus inside our celebrity trendsetter, our recent purchase and a beauty giveaway on my Limited Edition Sparkle Trio Eye Shadow in the Daylight Palette and Gala Lipstick in Rivivere.

GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics Gala Lipstick + Sparkle Trio Palette
Rules: Leave 2 questions relating to fashion, relationships, beauty, family, career, trends etc.…
The person with the two best questions will win.
Winner will be posted on blog and via Twitter.


Unknown said...

My first question:
What are a few tips you have on handling a stressful situation?
What helps keep you motivated?

Unknown said...

1.) Do you think the beauty industry should embrace freckles, the way the have embraced the gaped-tooth ?

Unknown said...

2.) Fashion has had SO many trends, what do you think will be the next BIG trend in fashion ?

Unknown said...

1.) Do you believe in implementing a dress code for young girls?
2.) What do you believe is the appropriate age for younger girls to wear heels of any height?


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