Friday, April 26, 2013

To The Readers

Happy Weekend


It feels like this week has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that May will be upon us shortly, wow! It’s been a great and productive work week for me, I am meeting new contacts and learning so many things on the business end besides the fun stuff that you all see. I was thinking of doing a short video series on what goes on but I am not sure yet, would love to hear your feedback ; ).

This weekend I feel like exploring and flying solo, it’s like I am having that Eat, Pray, Love moment not sure what it means but I don’t feel scared. (Can’t really explain the feeling) I guess you will have to follow me on Twitter and see ; )


Coming up on the blog.

Upcoming Videos: Events: Inside Havaianas Summer 2013 Collection, Beauty: Day/Night Looks with our Makeup Artist, Review: mark. Color Me In Crayon and High Style Convertible Bag

Upcoming Giveaways: Amarte Skincare (Finally), Inside My Closet, NYX Cosmetics

Upcoming Posts: Swimwear: For The Curvy, Trends: Peplum Pants, Date Night Ideas

As always thanks to those that have purchased items from my cosmetics line, please share your pics and feedback.

And my readers thanks so much for your comments, your tweets and supporting the blog let’s ROCK #GlitterITCrew




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nena said...

I think you should most definitely do a video series on your business, I would love to see that. We do see pics and hear about the products, then we see the final product but we don't have any idea how much work goes into this. Do share what you are comfortable with. Looking forward to blog posts and videos.


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