Friday, February 22, 2013

Trends: Styles For Your Spring Break

BLEU Rod Beattie 'Zip It' One Piece Swimsuit

BLEU Rod Beattie 'Zip It' One Piece Swimsuit $113

This black one piece suit adds glamour with it’s gold and white stripes with a metallic touch, add a over-sized hat and embellished sandals to make it fire.

Echo 'Mambo Circles North/South' Plastic Tote

Echo 'Mambo Circles North/South' Plastic Tote $68

This is a fun beach tote bag that can fit all your sun kissed beauty needs or make it work for a day trip of shopping.

Racerback Maxi Dress $59.95

Simple laid back maxi dresses are the best outfits to pack for your spring break neutrals, stripes and bold colors make it so easy. Just add the glam accessories to those styles for a transitional look.

Paradise City Dress $55.00

Go hard with your late night looks, be bold, edgy and ultra cool with it. Spring break is the moment for having a good time so let loose with fun colors like teal, purples and emeralds those are the life of the party.

Transparent Sunglasses $5.80                                                Floral Wayfarer Sunglasses $5.80

Signature shades are fun to go with your bold wardrobe, leave the black chic shades at home and just play it up.

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Pily Q Fringe Skirt Cover Up $134.00

This cover up is great for the beach and enjoying cocktails at the tiki bar, rock your gold wedges and major blinged out accessories.

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Zinke Kristen Bandeau Top & Gidget Hipster Bikini Bottom $68-$90

Coral and orange suits are great swimwear choices that work well with all skin tones and many shades, this top is fashion forward and will stand out from the rest.

Ginny - Palmetto Grn Skinny
Jessica Simpson $89.99

This style wedge is trendy but it’s also a great fun necessity that can make a dress or a simple look pop.

Midnite Blk Peep Toe Plat - Blue
Iron Fist $59.99

This unique style can be creative when matching it in your wardrobe. To make it work best go for trends in ruffles, skater styles or a simple wrapped dress look.

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nena said...

I am in love with the cut of the one piece zipper bathing suit. I think it is so nice and flattering. I also love me some Jessica Simpson wedges, you cannot go wrong with the prints of her shoes. Makes me wish I was going on a spring break somewhere.


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